Saturday, 12 February 2011

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

So yesterday saw the 'grand-unveiling' of Lady Gaga's latest single, 'Born This Way' despite the fact that her previous album, The Fame / The Fame Monster is still relatively fresh and still receiving plenty of radio play. This is no surprise however with modern day artists like Rihanna churning out album after album, hit after hit, year after year.

Now before we even look at the single it is important to note that no matter how good the single is, it would have been difficult for L.G to produce anything to critical acclaim, with four UK number one singles resulting from her debut album it would be difficult for anyone, even L.G to replicate the success, and therefore I will try to remain impartial toward this song.

The first thing which hit me when I listened to the song was the thumping guitar and strong drums which I thought would lead to another song - instantly recognisable and dominating radio play for months... but then L.G started singing and something wasn't quite right, and the only conclusion which I could come to is, think eighties lyrics/singing on a modern music track. I'm going to confess I read an article on the song before I listened to it but I tried to remain impartial - and the one significant point which I can pick out from the article is just how much it rips off Madonna's, 'Express Yourself'. That in itself is quite disappointing as I have always liked L.G for her originality but this song could quite easily be sung by any female X-Factor contestant.

What will be interesting is to see just how successful it will be and if following singles can live up to her previous success. With Britney and L.G set to go head to head my tip is on Britney to come out on top

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