Thursday, 3 February 2011


Hey guys,

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted since my debut but 1) I have been really busy with course deadlines and 2) I forgot my password (how silly!!??!!)

What I want to talk about today is a reasonably hot topic in Jersey, and one which is always worthy of debate.... The role of the Council of Ministers!

Since Clothier was published and adopted (in part) we have witnessed a transition in power away from the Chamber to the CoM. [I am more or less repeating Deputy Le Claire's speech from the last sitting BTW]

No longer are unlimited written questions and oral questions allowed, but Ministers are only allowed to be questioned for a set amount of time with one supplementary per member. I personally think this is wrong, however in the name of restricting drabble I can accept this.

What I cannot agree with is Senator Routier's proposition to get 7 signatories on each debate. This is totally unacceptable as any member should be allowed to bring forward report and propositions in the name of democracy. If you live in a Parish which only has two representatives and you have a concern - how on earth are you expected to get 7 signatories on a parochial debate?

Let us not forget what Lincoln said - Democracy is the government of the people, by the people for the people. It is not the government of the Com, by the Com, for the people to swallow!!

As well as clearly matching Alexis De Tocqueville's fear of a tyranny of the majority (As those who live in Parishes with a small number of parishioners would be suppressed) it is also another classic example of a lack of the separation of powers within the Jersey system as Routier - an assistant minister of the Executive, is trying to remove power of the Legislature.

It cannot go on like this - things need to change in Jersey before one straw too many breaks the Camel's back.

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