Thursday, 17 March 2011

Coffee - Good or Bad - The age old debate!

So the other day I was working with a friend in the University Library when we were disrupted by an irate Librarian as she punished someone for drinking coffee in the library.

Ok you think - fair enough they should not be drinking hot drinks around books and computers, however what I have not told you is that the library actually sells coffee as well as other hot beverages and food!

Now I believe that it is unacceptable to on one hand be prepared to take money off you but on the other punish you for purchasing and consuming their products. It is unacceptable to do this as it is highly hypocritical to be prepared to take money off a product which is effectively banned from the library. Now although in their defence they place posters of spilt coffee around the library is this a significant / acceptable deterrent? No it isn't - it is merely a token.

So how does this fit into society? one word - smoking.

Continually the government cover the packets of cigarettes in slogans such as, 'smoking kills' and images of unhealthy body parts, yet despite the knowledge that smoking kills - the government are still prepared to sell them.

Again, although on a higher scale this is inexcusable - either allow people to smoke, free from images and comments or ban it completely, do not be a hypocrite and allow it to happen whilst making significant amounts of money through taxation.

This message also goes for the university - you want to make money - that is fine, but do not sell me products and then condemn me for using them, this is wrong and should be changed.

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